Will: All right. ‘Kay. So she gets an education, and you get your car washed, and what am I getting out of this?
Michael: You know what? I owe you a favor. Whatever you want, Stretch.

Will: …Just stay there for five seconds.

And for a moment we were the cool kids. #americanidiotbway #aolsessions #nyc #greenday #wearethewaiting #7eleven #whatsername

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Stark attending the opening night after party of Billy Porter’s While I Yet Live!

Journey’s End pals Stark Sands and Boyd Gaines pal around on opening night.

Anonymous asked: Hello! I was just wondering if you maybe had a link to the interview from the gif? Thanks!

Hi! Unfortunately, I can’t locate the video at this time. I’ll continue searching and if any of my wonderful followers know where to find it, please let me know. Sorry I couldn’t be a bigger help at the moment, but I’ll definitely post the video as soon as I do find it :)


"It’s a good year, it’s a good year. I feel very lucky."

Happy birthday, Stark Sands!

(September 30, 1978)

Happy Birthday, Stark Sands! [September 30, 1978]

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Journey’s End alums Stark Sands and Boyd Gaines reunite.