stark sands tells a story about how he texts cyndi lauper (and then sings “step one”)

Vested between two Charlies. @kinkybootsbway #oneyearanniversary

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nakedlyso: Charlies wearing vests.

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Stark Sands

favorite theatre people → stark sands

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thesenotebooknotes asked: Also for the anon, there's Money to Burn: watch?v=rBJn9P-coO8 I hope this helps?!

Great, thank you very much!


Anonymous asked: Do you know if there are any videos of the July 2013 Frank & Friends concert? I can't find any on youtube. Thanks!

Hello and my apologies for such a delayed reply. I managed to find this video of Stark performing “Tell My Father” from Civil War the Musical. Additionally, here is a video of Stark singing “You Can Do Better Than Him” from Bonnie & Clyde. I hope they’re both something along the lines of what you were looking for. However, I haven’t personally been able to find any other videos from the concert, but I might just be searching in the wrong places. Can any of my followers direct anonymous to more videos? Thank you!




01. land of lola / 02. the last thing on my mind / 03. you can do better than him / 04. are we the waiting / 05. soul of a man / 06. hey ya / 07. this never happened before / 08. don’t be cruel / 09. tell my father / 10. step one / 11. city of the damned / 12. bonnie / 13. heartbeats / 14. what was good enough for you / 15. i come to the rescue / 16. extraordinary girl / 17. this world will remember us

»favorite scenes: generation kill

Ashley Judd & Stark Sands Among Quintet Cast In NBC Drama Pilot ‘Salvation’ ›

Sands will play Paul Strickland, the eldest child and the heir apparent to Daniel’s evangelical empire who suffers from a chronic stutter and might have played a role in his dad’s death

Click through for more information on the show!

Check out this brief clip of Stark explaining how he prepared for his role as a folk singer and guitarist in The Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis!