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Hi! Unfortunately, I can’t locate the video at this time. I’ll continue searching and if any of my wonderful followers know where to find it, please let me know. Sorry I couldn’t be a bigger help at the moment, but I’ll definitely post the video as soon as I do find it :)


"It’s a good year, it’s a good year. I feel very lucky."

Happy birthday, Stark Sands!

(September 30, 1978)

Happy Birthday, Stark Sands! [September 30, 1978]

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Journey’s End alums Stark Sands and Boyd Gaines reunite.

September 28, 2014 - Stark Sands attends the opening of Broadway’s You Can’t Take it With You.

Title: Just Curious Artist: Stark Sands & Heidi Blickenstaff 398 plays


Just Curious

A song from selections of String, a new musical by Adam Gwon and Sarah Hammond performed on September 26, 2014 at New Musicals Tonight! at Bucks County Playhouse. 

Keep an eye out for more from this show, and other news about Heidi’s next project in the coming weeks!

Rehwarsal with these beauties! #string 


I could never understand why people get tattoos. | NYC 22 S01E06

I graduated with my BFA from USC and six months later I got a job on “Six Feet Under.” Which was great. It was my favorite show. Even at the audition I was excited…also, it put me on the map, at least in Los Angeles in the world of television specifically. The episode I was on aired just after the show won a Golden Globe for best drama. So everybody tuned in just in time for my episode.

Discussing his first role on Six Feet Under after graduating college

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Just wanted to share this from the other day! Myself with Stark Sands. Has a wonderful voice!