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October 20, 2007 - Stark Sands visits the Off-Broadway stage production of Die Mommie Die!. In 2003, he played Lance Sussman in the film version.

broadwayrps asked: stark sands or and santino fontana (because i can’t choose between my two babies)

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Stark Sands

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theater challenge → [1/10] performers
stark sands (journey’s end, a seagull in the hamptons, bonnie & clyde, twelfth night, american idiot, kinky boots)

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Actor Stark Sands attends the Broadway Barks 15th Animal Adoption Event at Shubert Alley on July 13, 2013 in New York City.

But what is he trying to tell me right now?


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"I'm not hearing the aggressiveness I'd like to." His voice sounds
hollow, like he's not convinced himself.

I’m assured of this.


Character: Nate Fick
► If we shoot civilians, we’re gonna turn the populace against us and lose the war, but I don’t want to lose Marines because we’re not aggressive.